Straight Male Masseuse & Escort Dhaka Bangladesh

Female Services Only

I don't have a place so I provide body massage service at your home or at your selected location. The services related to massages and escorting that I provide can be found on the services section. (click here), there's always room for discounts, if you are in short of money don't shy away. 

Catering to the needs of married and unmarried foreigners and Bangladeshi women alike. Privacy Guaranteed.


Contact Information : 01738782626

Physcial Attributes



Sexual Orientation: Straight as an arrow :P

Height: 5'11

Weight: 67kg

Appearance: Sexy

Dick.    length: 8in,  girth: 6.2in

About Me:

Currently I'm a student doing my masters. If I had to describe my hobbies, I would say spirtiuality, (spirituality as a hobby lol) I like books, knowing new stuffs excites me!!  Besides that I like to play football(and good at it :P), love getting to know new people, new places, new experiences. I like to think I am fun to be around but that will be for you to decide. Want to know more book me now :P   xoxoxo.



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